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      Wednesday, December 9, 2009

      Waukesha Tattoo Company @ Galleria Edge

      Today is the most important day for this venture. The proposal goes in front of the plan commission for a conditional use permit for a tattoo parlor. The permit will clear the way for us to buy the building with its parking lot. With owning a building, the cost structure will free the shop to offer a more posh surrounding.

      I know for years Bill and I talked about how nice it would be to own a building, tattoo and display art in the front, while there is enough space for other art projects in the back. Opportunities came and went, and in the long view, that would have all been great visions. I really admired that his decision to move from one side of Main Street to the opposite side of the Gazebo. Even I was wondering why, because no one ever goes to that side of downtown. His vision stood up to the test of time. The Gazebo was gone, and all the one ways were gone. Then all of a sudden his shop was sitting in a prime spot.

      Today will be the day one is to realize my vision, the vision to keep tattooing in Waukesha without the parking issue it generates. The vision to best fit into a new up and coming trendy West End and to contribute to a thriving art culture in downtown Waukesha. It is time for tattooing to blend into the community more and in an upscale way. The vision to have a space for tattoo artists to be more and have the freedom with that space.

      I attribute my vision to my mentor Bill, I am willing to put my resources where my mouth is. I am walking that cliff edge without a safety net. Join me with this vision, I want to share it.                             George


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